A great dance school. Ann White pays a particular attention to the discipline of every pupil attending her classes. The teacher is very creative and she always makes her lessons interesting for the kids. I would definitely recommend Ann White Classical Ballet School 👍🥇 


 Ann is an excellent teacher! Vocational training...! 


 Every child deserves a teacher like Anna ❤. She is a great ballet teacher knows and remembers what it’s like to be a student. She’s develops and mastering the best skills in child... She is not content to rest on her knowledge. Anna is sensitive to the needs of each dance student, regardless of ability or innate talent, and works to find the best way to encourage each child ... Honestly highly recommend to try her classes 👌❤🤗 


Exam ISTD Cecchetti Method class Monday 5 pm-6 pm Pre-vocational Beginner Level 1 every Tuesday 5 pm-6:30 pm

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 Now accepting children ages 5 to  8 years old for pre-vocational ballet training. (course program)

We are looking for talented children (beginners) who are fascinated by classical ballet dance. Parents who wish to provide their children with a classical ballet education or who aspire to become professional ballet dancers.

How does a free trial work? What to expect:

Once you have registered your interest and made a booking by e-mail: annawhiteballet@gmail.com

You will be invited for the audition to the studio for a free trial ballet class. You will be required to wear comfortable sportswear with socks. What we will be looking at during audition class is the dancer's natural abilities, such as flexibility, musicality, and creativity. If all is well, you will be required to sign the school agreement form with one of the £15 register fees  and secure your child's place with us
(copy of the agreement on request)  Our first payment will be in advance before the first lesson begins. You will also receive a welcome pack, which includes our ballet uniform at a 20% percent discount. 

During our auditions, we run friendly games without extra pressure or stress and set out a very friendly atmosphere. Our audition days are open to you. Places are extremely limited due to the nature of the training.
Ann is a professional ballet dancer (artist ) professionally trained in the Traditional Classical Ballet Discipline Vaganova Method at Vakhtang Chabukiani Tbilisi State Ballet School Georgia. Anna comes from a family of dancers. Her father was honored as a Principal Ballet Dancer at Tbilisi Ballet and Opera Theater, and her mother is a ballet artist.
She has been performing on stage and freelance dancer for 17 years at home and overseas. Fully Qualified Ballet Teacher with 20 yr teaching experiences Founder of Ann White Classical ballet training school and creator of Creative Certified Classical Ballet Training Program (Education) for children and youth Pre Vocational Training. The school official member of the CID International Dance Council associated with UNESCO Paris holds internationally recognized status and Full Teaching Memberships with ISTD and IDTA Associates

Also Ann Creator of Adult floor gymnastics ( floor bare intensive core workout )
Teaches all ages of Yoga (Hatha) From baby children's yoga to Adults and Hold Professional diplomas in Yoga (Hatha) Adults and Children's Yoga with( BSY) British School Of Yoga 
Teaches Adult Ballet Beginners

Ballet Technique Private Coach for serious pre or vocational students in Uk in Studio and online internationally
Available for Ballet Workshops/pointe work (including-pointe preparation class)
Coaching ballet classes technique for rhythmic gymnastic/ice scatting students/
Private adult- ballet and yoga coaching
Virtual in-Person Judge Dance Competitions (ballet/dance sections)

About The Program and School image

We offer International Dance Council Certificates On Dance Studies through 3 years of classes (learning) in the Classical Ballet Training Program for children and youth Level 1/2/2+/3. The program is approved by the International Dance Council (CID) associated with UNESCO Paris. Students learn the first basic steps and gain valuable tools. Ballet unlocks and develops abilities that are beneficial to health and mind and advances from the preparatory level to the main level. A Pre-vocational Ballet Training Course Program begins at the age of 6-12 years old.

Exams with ISTD Cecchetti and IDTA Rosette are available in our school
Exams are taken every 2 years of attendance and combined with open classes, performances competitions

The Classical Ballet Training program is Ann White's (creative) unique teaching method which is based on the teaching methodology of traditional classical ballet dance and classifies as the intensive course program

The School Member of CID International Dance Council is associated with UNESCO Paris http://www.cidportal.org/cid-members/
holds the internationally recognized status

Full teaching member with ISTD https://www.istd.org/home/

IDTA https://www.idta.co.uk/

Preparing for Royal Ballet School Auditions https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/

THE BENEFIt for your child by taking the  part in our pre - vocational ballet training program   image

Contains elementary study ;

Level 1/2
Ballet stretches with rhythmic gymnastic elements (flexibility)
Rhythm (musicality)
Learn basic ballet steps and techniques through creativity
Ballet gymnastics on the floor and standing ( fitness development)
Motor learning skills games
Ballet acting skills (drama+plastic moves)
Classical Ballet Repertory (children's ballet)
Basic Pointe work (preparatory lesson)

Programs are available for amateurs and pre-vocational dancers. All skill levels are welcome.
Our Intensive Program Covers Health Fitness and Well Being and Benefits Scoliosis, Posture, and Osteoporosis.
For the Pre-Vocational level introduce classical dance fundamentals and a solid base of ballet technique. The program is classified as an intensive program (the foundation of ballet). Improves ballet education and strengthens the mind.
The course is preparing children from young ages for later participation in Classical Ballet Training Elementary and Grades Classes if they wish to continue or have been chosen.
The children learn in a very friendly disciplinary environment with fun and excitement. All program runs through mind creativity games and is based on sport discipline the children engaged very well and were happy to take part in the lesson. Lessons run for 1 hour and a half and are full of happiness through inspiration and motivation. We looking forward to seeing your child in our inspired friendly class.

Preparatory  ballet program for children age 6- 10 yr old  beginner level 1

Preparatory ballet program for children age 6- 10 yr old beginner level 1

The purpose of these classes is to introduce children to the basics of classical dance through creativity and motor learning games, improving posture, flexibility, musicality, imagination, and unlocking child abilities.

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The Level  2 and 2 + RECOMMENDED

The Level 2 and 2 + RECOMMENDED

The school offers International Dance Council Certificates in Ballet Studies through 3 years of Classical Ballet Training and Pre Vocational Ballet Training approved by the International Dance Council (CID) in association with UNESCO Paris, France.

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Cecchetti  Classical ballet Method Exam ISTD  for children age 7 and upwards

Cecchetti Classical ballet Method Exam ISTD for children age 7 and upwards

Grade Examination with ISTD Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method Held every two years with separate time for attendance (ask your teacher for more information)

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Bonus +

Bonus +

The timing is just right! Children and students with talented dance skills will have the opportunity to represent the UK at International Dance Council (CID) Congresses, Dance Competitions, and Festivals. This is an amazing opportunity for a mini holiday and family quality time! It is also an excellent way to build future resumes. Please view the Links below about the organizations and opportunities http://cid-world.org/ https://www.talentworldcontest.tv/

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Private tuition auditions Level 3

Private tuition auditions Level 3

For serious students who are interested in Royal Ballet School Auditions, Professional Ballet Competitions, or Becoming a Vocational Ballet student, private lessons and preparation help are available. E-mail us. annawhiteballet@gmail.com

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Private classical ballet coaching online in studio

Private classical ballet coaching online in studio

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Traditional Classical Ballet Enrico Cecchetti Uniform

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