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Save Classical Ballet Art For Upcoming Young Generation

Ann White Classical Ballet School

Accepting children from age 6+ certified ballet program training course for children

Looking for talented children with passion for ballet and parents who,serious want to give ballet education to their child Please book your free trial by sending us email limited places available

COVID_19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Covid_19 health and safety guidelines

1.Dear Parents due to crises of COVID_19 we are updating our health and safety guidelines
1.Please when arrive be ready to go by wearing ballet uniform for children age 6 and beginners parents can help with change uniform only if necessary only single parent allow inside parent should wear the mask inside the premises,the toilet must be done before session begins.
2. When arrive students must wash hands or clean with medical soviets
3. Students not bringing any soft toys,food or any items part of water bottle and soft towel medical soviets will be welcome please change the outside shoes at the waiting room .
4. The water and toilet permit only if need it ,the students number in the classes is very limited and kept in bibles with a 2 metres apart .
5. Please note we need your data for track and trace purposes in case if we need to contact you due to situation the contacts will be deleted shortly after.
6.Parents dropping students at the steps of the door and not enter the building only if we need it to, up to 3 parents permitted at the studio please wear the mask when you inside the studio, voluntary parent require for a Saturday beginner class for toilet emergence if necessary.
7.Collecting throw another door Fire exist end of the building
8.We are strongly advice DO NOT attend class if student feel or your self unwell,please let us know immediately and if possible attend our online classes instead.
9. The buildings dance rooms are ready and prepare for safe and healthy dance lessons. The any items in the dance studio clean after each lesson ends including the deep clean after all sessions.
10.If one of the staff feel unwell we move sessions online maximum for 2 weeks.
Many Thanks for your continue support and understanding,

Covid_19 health and safety premises guidelines

We update our hiring premises in London and Northampton
1. We keeping our premises as much as possible clean and healthy and safe following government guidelines.
2. Floor is clean with clear marks with a 2 meters
3.For younger group will be square mats provide as a little duplicate of stage..For oldest clear marking floor for enough space with distance.
5.All equipment proper clean and only use by the same students and not sharing with anyone else.We ventilated rooms before session begins and when is finishes.
6.Other cleaning items provide such as hands gels the masks and medical soviets for hands.
7.Our hall in Northampton very big so we can keep distance very easy .
8. For our London studio please see guidelines in this link bellow guidelines/
9. For London students we recommended bring on your own mat for stretches.

Free trial auditions for Ann White Classical Ballet School

Ann White Classical Ballet School We are looking for talented children, with a passion for ballet who are fascinated to learn classical ballet. Parents who wish or are interested for their children to receive a classical ballet education or to try themselves for the professional career ladder. How does a free trial work? what to expect: Once you have registered your interest as a booking to e-mail:
(we will ask you to pay a £1 donation support fee towards our school ) You will be invited for the audition to the studio or possible - online for 15-30 minutes. You will be required to wear comfortable sportswear with socks. What we will be looking for during the auditions: The dancer's natural abilities e.g. flexibility, musicality, and creativity skills. We will provide you with information about our school missions and offers, what we do, and our perspective for the future of your child's career with us.  We will undergo a simple interview with you and your child. If all is successful you will be required to sign the school agreement, we will send you a welcoming pack that includes our ballet uniform for the student.  The audition days will take place in September, January, and May. Our auditions are set out in a very friendly way and run through friendly games, no extra pressure, or stress. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our audition days, Hope to see you soon. Please note due to the current situation places are extremely limited.

About Founder and School

Ann White professionally trained in classical ballet/ dancer (artist ) in  Vaganova Method Russian Ballet ,she performed on stage and freelances dancer for 17 years at home and over seas .Fully Qualified Ballet Teacher with 20 yr teaching experiences   Founder of Ann White Classical ballet training school and create  of Traditional Classical Ballet Education training Program for children and youth . The school official member of  CID International Dance Council  UNESCO  Paris hold international recognized status and Holding Full Teaching Memberships with  ISTD and IDTA Associates  .

About Founder and School

About The Program

About The Program
Ann White professionally trained in ballet/ dancer (artist ) founder of Ann White Classical ballet school and create  of Traditional Certified Classical Ballet Education Program for children and youth . The school official member of  CID International Dance Council  UNESCO  hold international recognized status .
The School offers International Dance Council Certificates On Dance Studies through 3 years courses on Traditional Classical Ballet Education Training Program for children and youth. The program has been approved by CID UNESCO Paris .Program prepares and teach first steps before taking ballet classes for beginners and gives helpful tools and knowledge for those who already taking ballet classes or preparing for exams or wish to enter for a dance audition or applying for dance colleges , Unlocks and develops dancing abilities helps with health and mind developing skills progress in preparatory level of ballet to the main level. Enter for a program begins at age 8 to 14 yr old and upwards .
The candidate will have a free trial and only after will be offering place depending on his /her abilities age and fitness level .
Compulsory the school offers Classical Ballet Cecchetti Method Exams ISTD and IDTA Theatre Rosette ballet introduction exams for beginners .
The traditional classical ballet program is Ann White teaching method which based on the most successful universal traditional professional training methods of Classical Ballet and contains basic foundation of A.Vaganova Method of Classical Dance Russia / Cecchetti Italian Classical Ballet Method and Imperial Russian Ballet Style (mix of Italian ,french and Legat style of ballet taught in Russia ) model which has been use in Royal Ballet School .

Contains elementary study ;
Ballet stretches with rhythmic gymnastic elements (flexibility)
Rhythm (musicality)
Learn basic ballet steps and technique throw creativity
Ballet gymnastic on the floor and standing ( fitness development)
Motor learning skills games
Ballet acting skills (drama+plastic moves)
Classical Ballet Repertory (children ballet)
Basic pointe work (preparatory lesson)
Program covers amateur and pre professional levels in ballet . Suitable For All Levels , From Beginner to Advanced
The Intensive Program Created To Cover Health Fitness and Well Being and benefits scoliosis ,posture, osteoporosis . Builds Posture ,Correct Walking progressing flexibility improves breathing and fitness level .
For pre professional level introducing to the classical dance fundamentals and solid base of ballet technique .Program classifies as an intensive program.Improves school educational level and trains mind .
Courses are preparing children from young ages for latter participation into Classical Ballet Training Elementary and Grades Classes if the wish to continue or been chosen .
The children learning a very friendly disciplinary environment with fun and excitement . All program runs through mind creativity games and based on sport disciplinary the children engaged very well and happy to take part in lesson . Lessons run for 1 hour and full with happiness through inspiration and motivation. We looking forward to see your child in our inspired friendly class.

The School Member of Cid International Dance Council UNESCO

Member of Cecchetti Classical Ballet Grade Examination
Pre professional ballet level ISTD
Affiliated with
Member of IDTA offers Ballet Theater Exams on module / Rosette theatre/


Preparatory ballet program for children age 6- 8

This class designed for children to learn basic foundation in classical dance through creativity and motor learning games improves posture flexibility musicality imagination unlocks child abilities progress to the next level

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Classical dance 3 years certificated course for children 8 -11 12-14 yr old

The School offers International Dance Council Certificates On Dance Studies through 3 years courses on Traditional Classical Ballet Education Program for children and youth. The program has been approved by The International Dance Council CID UNESCO Paris France .

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Cecchetti Classical ballet Method Exam ISTD for children age 7 and upwards

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Bonus +

Perfect opportunity for talented kids and children who wish to learn the classical dance .And wonderful long weekend mini break for parents! Please view Links bellow about the organisations and opportunities;

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Private tuition-workshops

The Private tuition -workshops for very affordable price

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Online courses from home (distance learning)


 A great dance school. Ann White pays a particular attention to the discipline of every pupil attending her classes. The teacher is very creative and she always makes her lessons interesting for the kids. I would definitely recommend Ann White Classical Ballet School 👍🥇"

Student parentClient

 Ann is an excellent teacher! Vocational training...!"

Student ParentClient

 Every child deserves a teacher like Anna ❤. She is a great ballet teacher knows and remembers what it’s like to be a student. She’s develops and mastering the best skills in child... She is not content to rest on her knowledge. Anna is sensitive to the needs of each dance student, regardless of ability or innate talent, and works to find the best way to encourage each child ... Honestly highly recommend to try her classes 👌❤🤗"

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Pre Show at Dergante&Royal Theatre /Professional Photo session

Children ballet show for Russian Ballet Touring Company

  • Date: 30/12/2020 07:33 PM

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