1. The Payment to the dance school is made 3 months block (termly) in London or monthly in Northampton. Payment depends on the Level and hours of Student attending (we try to keep all prices as much as possible affordable) Two weeks reminders and payment sheets have been given in before the beginning of a season to avoid unnecessary rental tuition fee payment problems. The late fee of £20  will be added for late payment to your next bill, the teaching services can be stopped in the studio/online if payment carries on to the next month/term without informing the school of the reason for the payment delays. 

 Please Note,

(Prices Might Change Depending on Circumstances but will be consulted first) 

2. The Uniform code applies to all classes for educational purposes. (Please only correct uniform must be worn in class, please check with your teacher before purchasing any items )  

3. A Zero tolerant behavior is acceptable in Ann White Classical Ballet Training  School towards the staff no aggressive behavior or wording writing  ( charges might apply)  Public Order Act 1986/ Behavior Policy - Parents/upon request 

4. During the time the student is studying at the school, parents agree to cooperate with any activities the school may offer. Ballet school is offered to students alongside out-of-school activities, contracted various hours (during the season, students may be required to make up for the lost hours by taking extra classes due to the nature of the course, payment may differ). No more than five complimentary passes are allowed during the season. When a class is missed, a fee will be added to the next bill. We will accept the official body document of the missing class. 

Missed classes during rehearsals for exams, performances, or live streaming are subject to a late attendance fee (estimated duration throughout the 6 weeks).    

5. Please note, that Ann White Classical Ballet Training School is not taking any responsibility for students left without a parent or guardian during hours attending the dance school locating premises or outside the building. Parents/guardians should notify Teacher if students travel home alone after lessons without a parent or guardian otherwise Teacher/School is not responsible for a student leaving the school-located premises. 

6. Please note, that Ann White Classical Ballet Training School is not taking any responsibility for missing items during the dancing hours. 

7. Parents and guardians should be aware that due to the updated data protection law photographs and videos are not permitted during regular classes or free trials. Instead, they are allowed only when school performances take place in the studio, and during open classes and pre-exams preparation (please note; you can take photography for your child only not others, and not together, graduation exempt)  

8. This 3 years Agreement has been set up due to course training nature (intensive) contracted hours with studios hire, and for health and safety reasons To Achieve The End Goal. It is the standard of the Pre-Vocational Ballet Training System Form. The student must attend in  Regular attendance to prevent any injuries no less than 1/2  3 or 4 times a week depending on the levels to be able to complete the course. Vocational students 6 times a week minimum. The attendance depended on students' age and the Levels they attended.Parents/guardians are required to let the school know at least 6 hours before class begins if students cannot attend the class. For each level and age, the agreement works differently, for  Beginner Level 1 child age 6-8 yr old (included 5 yr old)  agreement stays for 1 Year Termly Payment (London) monthly (Northampton) For Level 1 to continue study or to leave after the 1-year contract expires parents must inform the school before the end of the last term before school holidays in writing request letter, please note if the school won't be received such as a note in time was requesting from you, the school has right to ask the full payment of the new season when the season begins. For level  2 and 2+ children aged 8-10/10-14 agreement stays for 3 Year Termly Payment (London) monthly (Northampton) 

 (Pre-Vocational Training)  For level 3 (Vocational Training) agreement stays for 3 Years Termly Payment London (Monthly Northampton).  Each level has various Fees/Level 2 and Level 2+ have discounted Fees. In levels 2 and 2+ you must provide to us one term writing leaving a note with a reason of leaving and remain payment of that term if you wish to determinate contract at list two weeks before the next term begin (apples for London only) 

 Once completed training course program Level 1 / Level 2/2+ options will be available. Level 3 (option will be available only by invitation or request from student/student parent or guardian ) Classical Ballet Cecchetti Method Grade Examination (Qualification) ISTD /exam preparation requires an extra hour to be taken.


9. If Levels 1/2/2+ or  3 years  Contract-Agreement is determinate by you,  after the participation or been chosen, into the training course program the school has a right to ask You to pay the rest of the remaining fees, of the contract, paying by full,  by installment or by the new agreement, depending on circumstances. This will be handled by the school accountant. If still not resolved, the school has the right to pass your Agreement on the THIRD PARTY. For existing students, the form update requires every year, end of the school term, and at the beginning of the new term for risk assessment, data, and medical purposes and to keep the place. For non-existing customers who left school with a broken contract fee, an update of the form is not a requirement, but payment of the broken agreement must still carry on. Vocational Students Must be kept informed of any ballet training workshops, events, classes, auditions performances with a third party (otherwise charges might apply)      

10. Students currently training for or attending pointe work classes must regularly attend to prevent unnecessary injuries. Students must bring pointe shoes to class regularly. Ann White Classical Ballet Training School cannot be held responsible for any injuries during the Pointe work class if the rules are not followed.    

11.  Please note that online classes have been added as a helpful tool for students. 

12.  If the agreement is completed but there is still an unpaid school bill left, the agreement contract will not be considered closed. All remaining charges will be applied. 

12 a. The fee for the exam, ballet auditions, CID UNESCO School membership, or any other contribution must be paid in full. 

Please Note,

(Prices Might Change Depending on Circumstances but will be consulted first) 

12 b. The late fee will be added to your monthly or block bill after the third tardy attendance. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully. 

The terms and conditions policy is protected by English Law and must be followed by the parties.

Many Thanks 

Ann White Classical Ballet Training School