Cecchetti  Classical ballet Method Exam ISTD  for children age 7 and upwards

School Compulsory offering Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method ISTD Grade examination for children age 7 and upwards (Set of All 6 Grades) if completed all 6 levels students will have The Status of pre-qualified grade examination level in Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method.  The session Runs for an extra 1 hour Please note to attend this class minimum of  1 and a half hours of previous sessions attendance is required for a good pass. Students with only this class attendance won't be offered an examination. Students with Previous Training experiences are welcome, every Monday from 5 pm-6 pm only 

£190 per term (12 weeks session) 

 For participation/inquiries please email us at annawhiteballet@gmail.com   

Please view the link below about the company and examinations