Covid_19 health and safety guidelines

1.Dear Parents due to the crises of COVID_19 we are updating our health and safety guidelines

2.Please when arrive be ready to go by wearing ballet uniform for children age 6 and beginners parents can help with change uniform only if necessary only single parent allow inside parent should wear the mask inside the premises, the toilet must be done before the session begins.

3. When arrive students must wash hands or clean with medical soviets

4. Students not bringing any soft toys, food, or any items part of a water bottle and soft towel medical soviets will be welcome please change the outside shoes at the waiting room.

5. The water and toilet permit only if need it, the student's number in the classes is very limited and kept in bibles 2 meters apart.

6. Please note we need your data for track and trace purposes in case if we need to contact you due to the situation the contacts will be deleted shortly after.

7.Parents dropping students at the steps of the door and not enter the building only if we need it to, up to 3 parents permitted at the studio please wear the mask when you inside the studio, voluntary parent require for a Saturday beginner class for toilet emergence if necessary.

8.Collecting throw another door Fire exist end of the building

9.We are strongly advise DO NOT attend class if a student feels or your self unwell, please let us know immediately and if possible attend our online classes instead.

10. The building's dance rooms are ready and prepare for safe and healthy dance lessons. Any items in the dance studio clean after each lesson ends including the deep clean after all sessions.

11.If one of the staff feels unwell we move sessions online maximum for 2 weeks.

Many thanks for your continued support and understanding,