School Policy


1.The Payment to the dance school is made every 1 month in Northampton and 3 months block in London. Two weeks reminder and payment sheet been given in prior of the beginning of a season to be avoid unnecessary rental tuition fee payment problem. Late fee charges £5 Northampton £10 London has been added, if not letting know  the school reason of payment delayed.    

2.The Uniform code applies for all classes for educational purposes.(Please only correct uniform must be worn in class, please check with your teacher before purchasing any items )  

3.A Zero tolerant behavior acceptable in Ann White Classical Ballet Training  School (might charges apply) full attendance expected. 

4.Parents agree to collaborating with a school or any activities might school offer during the studding in the school. (if student miss the class with out necessary reason, student will require making time up for missing hours by taking extra online sessions due to training nature payment various)   

5.Please note,Ann White Classical Ballet Training School not taking any responsibility for students left with out parenting or guardian during hours attending in the dance school locating premises or outside the building. Parents/Guardian should notify Teacher if student travelling home alone after lessons with out parent or guardian otherwise Teacher /School is not responsible for a students after leave the the school located premises. 

6.Please note, Ann White Classical Ballet Training School not taking any responsibility for missing items during the dancing hours. 

7. Please note for parents guardian only,due to the new data protection law photography /video not permitted during the regular classes or free trials ,allow only when perform school in the studio only open classes and examinations . 

8.If Contract agreement broken the school has a right ask pay rest of the fee paying by installment or by the new agreement  depending on circumstances 

 9  Please note online classes been added as a better helping tool for       students . Also due to Covid_19 situation all classes could move temporary online  when is  situation arises.

10.Please note the exam, CID UNESCO membership  fee or any other contribution can be paid in half or in full payment or can be sponsored by school or by sponsors. If for some reason agreement  is broken the Landed money or items should be paid in full.  

Thank You 

Ann White Classical Ballet Training School