Health and Safety Document + Online Classes Policy


1.The school keep the record of any accident happen during the dance hours and full session also attendance record.

2.The dance school provide safe place to practice.

3.The dance school provide safe practice for all students.

4.The first aid  can provide first help to the pupil if need (only with parent/guardian permission)

5.Please note ,in Classical Ballet(dance) for better understanding and for health safety execution of the stretching and classical moves  teacher in terms to make correction can provide help to the student directly by demonstrating correct and safe way of movement execution apart of demonstration.    

6.The staff is fully insured DBC checked and up to date with 20 yr experiences teaching all ages, and a very strong knowledge and background of Classical Ballet (dance) 

7.Health and Safe Policy for Online Dance Courses (Distance Learning)

Any class with children must be supervise by parents (guardian) 

Any health problem must be declarer to the teacher when buying course.

Adults should have consultation with doctor before session if any health problem exist, if buying the course any health problem should be declare to the teacher. 

Recommended keep place empty during the session no heavy items around, clean surface .

For online class recommended to have a non-slippery yoga mat ,carpet or blanket  for seating exercises.

Warning ! Ann White Classical Ballet Training School not taking any responsibilities for any injuries. 

Staff fully insured included online classes insurance policy  ,DBS Checked.       

Thank You 

Ann White Classical Ballet Training School