Data Protection Document


Before the sign the contract with a school ,you will be Gide with terms&conditions of this contract. After sign with Ann White Classical Ballet School ongoing contract we receiving your personal data .Once we received your data we keep your data in store,under new European Union (EU) law privacy legislation. Whats is going under privacy please read below.

1.Personal data information held for contacts to you or guardian for examinations,classes attendance performances, performances travel abroad  or any other activities happening at the dance school during your contract.

2. Personal data information held for emergence contact only,and use only if necessary with your permission.

3.Personal data information been asked for health and safety reasons to provided healthy classes and be aware of any medical complication for safety reasons.

4.We never share with 3rd party your personal data with out your permission ,only if contract is broken and agreement has not been reach sign by you. We will send you a notification,and notification letter before purse.

5.We never share with 3rd party your personal data only with your permission ,temporary contracts will be given for examination and performances and any other activities taking place.

6.We use photography video taken only after contract sign for promotion and evolution,progressing study purposes.

7.Once, you leave the school your data will be destroyed .

8.The Data will renew each year.We happy provide you with any extra information .

Thank You 

Ann White Classical Ballet Training School