The Level  2 and 2 +

This course is the next step from the beginner level to the elementary level. It follows classical ballet lessons, flexibility floor barre classes, and bonus training including a preparatory program for Pointe Work and pointe work in level 2+.

Program entry  begins at the age of 8 years old  

The students will receive CID UNESCO International Certificates in ballet study after completing each course. In addition, they will have the opportunity to attend the International Dance Council Congress in France Paris for Final Graduation. 

The Course Requires 150 hours of attendance. The student must attend ballet classes no less than 2 times a week to be able to complete the course ( the extra online class may be booked). 

After completing the first Elementary Level 2 Year Course Program  Next and Final Levels will be introduced. 

Please view the link below about the certifications 

An hour half class for children aged 8 to 10 and 10-14 years old twice a week 

 £340 per term  minimum 6 children in class