Ballet&Yoga online course for adults

This course is a combination of ballet basic technique and the main root of Yoga Hatha redirecting towards health development helps with anxiety stress relief, works well with blood circulation teach correct breathing amazingly works for join mussels develops immune systems clears lungs and helps with illness. Relax body and mind.   Class runs for 1 hour and half 

The benefit of an online class is privacy which the most prior during the practice more consecration more engagement between teacher and student more comfortable feeling as a practice from home and more of progression ideal for office workers and full-time mum's.   

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Buy this online course class for only £15 for a month and become a sponsor for our school! We looking forward to meeting you simply book by sending an email or calling us! All contact details on our website. 

Please notice; if is month 5 weeks long, you can buy an extra class for just £3,75 p  only.

Class run through  Facebook, Zoom, Google meet